Have you ever heard the perfect one-line sentiment of advice and think, "I'm never going to forget that." And, from that day on you hear it in your mind over and over throughout your life? It's one of life's many magical moments. One sentiment in particular that repeats in my mind is, "What you think, you become." ​

  Since I was a child my imagination was wild and vivid, I was so curious and interested in people, places, cultures and the deep thread of love that runs through humanity to connect us all. I wanted to focus not on our differences, but our similarities - discover that connection.

  Photography came so naturally to me that I accepted it as my best friend to guide me on as I acknowledge this thread of love, to explore it, and preserve it in a lasting image. After a Bachelors Degree in Photography and 12+ years expanding my camera collection, its now part of who I am.

Documenting our connection with each other through weddings, birth, family, to community and social events, is what I love. Documenting the thread.

  April & Co. was created as a continuation of not only my life as a photographer and adventurer but a business owner helping other businesses grow with visual marketing, an educator hosting workshops and one-on-one sessions for those eager to learn, and a philanthropist with services in-kind to my community. It is my hope I can offer visual services to a strong, thoughtful community, and share my knowledge and heart felt purpose with you. The April & Co. team and I hope we have your support and hope you will join us - become a person of purpose.

-April Massirio-

Photographer | Educator | Philanthropist | Adventure Seeker